Things To Do

When visiting Harmony Meadows Alpaca Farm we highly recommend making it a day trip and go exploring in the area surrounding our farm. Growing up in the suburbs you lose touch with nature; we fell in love with this community and that is why we decided to open our farm in this region.

Depending on the time of the year here are some of the awesome things you can experience, all within about 20 minutes from the farm.

Belwood Lake Conservation Area: Great for fishing, boating, and picnicking. The lake is also a popular spot for windsurfing and paddle boarding.  The Belwood Lions Pike Derby is held May 25-26. 
(6min / 6.8km)

Elora Cataract Trailway: This trail is perfect for hiking, biking, or horseback riding. It connects several communities and offers beautiful countryside views.  The closest access is in Belwood.
(7min / 7.4km)

Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games: If your visit coincides with this annual event, don’t miss it! Enjoy traditional Scottish games, dancing, and music in a festival that celebrates the area's Scottish heritage.  August 9-11, 2024.
(10min / 10.6km) 

Fergus Grand Theatre: Enjoy a play, concert, or live performance in this charming theatre that showcases local talent and touring acts.
(13min / 12.2km)

Downtown Fergus & Elora: Spend time exploring the quaint shops, restaurants, and galleries. The picturesque architecture and riverside setting make downtown Elora and Fergus delightful places to wander and relax.
(12-20min / 12-17km)

Heartwood Farm & Cidery: A diverse regenerative farm that has their own Apple Presses onsite and they make some fantastic Apple Cider; available in both alcoholic, and non-alcoholic.  Harmony Meadows carries Heartwood non-alcoholic in our farm store.
(13min / 16km)

Wellington County Museum and Archives: Located between Fergus and Elora, this museum is housed in an old poorhouse and offers insight into the local history through various exhibits and programs.
(16min / 15km)

Elora Quarry: Once a limestone quarry, now a popular swimming spot surrounded by cliffs. It's a perfect place for a summer dip and a picnic.  Open June to Labour Day.
(17min / 16.2km)

Elora Centre for the Arts: Check out local and regional art exhibitions, workshops, and performances in this vibrant community hub housed in a historic school.
(19min / 17.5km)

Fieldstone Barn & Sunflowers:  Recently featured in National Geographic, and located just on the edge of Elora, and home during the summer to a few of our Alpacas on a vacation.  They grow multiple different varieties of sunflowers, and have a glamping experience for those looking for a unique overnight stay where you can wake up to the smell of beautiful flowers.
(20min / 20km)

Elora Raft Rides: Enjoy a Piloted Ride, a Custom Cruise, River Bugging or Maid of the Falls. A wonderful way to spend some time on the water and learn about Elora’s long history in the region.
(20min / 18km)

Elora Gorge: One of the most beautiful natural attractions in the area, the Elora Gorge is known for its steep limestone cliffs and the Grand River rushing through. You can enjoy hiking, zip-lining, and tubing here.  Open May 1st to October 15th.
(21min / 23.5km)

One Axe Pursuits: For the adventurous at heart, nothing beats ziplining in the Elora Gorge, a rappelling experience in Elora, even Ice Climbing in the winter!
(22mins / 19km)