Harmony Meadows Alpaca
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Special Thanks

Many people have done so much to help us while we have been getting our farm off the ground and we would like to specifically thank the following people for their help and support.

Heather Blanchard & Norris McAuslan, Brier Run Alpaca
Long before we purchased our first animals, Heather and Norris welcomed us into their home and lives to help us learn about alpacas and graciously let us work on their farm to gain hands on experience with these wonderful animals. We knew we were hooked the first time we visited their farm during an open house many years ago and we attribute much of that to the knowledge you were so willing to share with us and the confidence that gave us. We are proud to call you both friends, and are grateful to have met you both. Thank you.

James Lukey MSc., PhD.
James is a long time friend, and he lived with us while he completed his PhD at the University of Guelph. Thank-you so much for all of the help you have given us. We have called you family for so long and we miss you. Jame recently completing his Post-doc at Notre Dame, and has now started another in Past-Doc in Illinois. Good luck!

James's Published work:

Fish population size and movement patterns in a small intermittently open South African estuary

Consistency of COSEWIC species at risk designations: freshwater fishes as a case study

Our Families
While you might not call what you did much, Kristi and I both know that we would not have been able to complete all of the barn renovations as fast as we did without your help.

Again, thank you all! We will always remember and cherish the time and energy everyone has given to us and the farm.

Rob & Kristi