Harmony Meadows Alpaca
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Our Animals

Casey 2nd

A beautiful light fawn, born in June 2006, she has tons of dense crimpy fibre that has already won her awards. Casey gave birth to an adorable dark chocolate female cria June 23, 2009. Here they are, out to see the world!

A lovely brown female, born December 1998, she is often teased for her 'dreadlocks'.
A great mom, who is celebrating her newest cria, Harmony's Grande Latte, born June 17,2009, shown here by her side on his birthday.
Brier's June Bug

The youngest of the founding members of the herd, she was born June 1, 2007. June Bug is dual registered (Canada and the USA) and a beautiful mahogany colour.
We've been trying to bread June for a couple of years now, and hopefully this summer she'll have her first baby.


Sunshower was the matriarch of our foundation herd, born in 1995 and passed away Winter 2011. She was solid black in colour, but she had some white markings on her face. She was a great mom who had many high quality cria.

Here she is with one of her little ones; a pretty grey female born June 19,2009 named Harmony's Silver Lining.
Harmony's Ceira
Born June 23rd, 2009

Her name is Gaelic in origin and means 'little dark one'. We picked the name because of her beautiful deep brown colour. Ceira is a very curious young female alpaca and loves to run around and play with the other alpaca on the farm. She often forgets that she smaller than some of the other animals on the farm and isn't afraid to jump around with Venus who is twice her size.
Harmony's Grande Latte
Born June 17th,2009

Latte is going to grow up to be one big alpaca some day. At less than 6 months of age Latte already has the weight and size of a juvenile alpaca, but with the agility of a full grown male. He has started to assume the roll of protector on the farm and will chase out of the pastures our free range chickens and barn cat. If you stop by the farm just before dusk you can see him running around in the pasture playing with the other boys and you can appreciate his size, agility and speed.
Harmony's Silver Lining
Born June 19th, 2009

Whenever we look at Silver, she always seems to have straw, dust, grass or anything else she can find stuck in her blanket. She loves to roll around and play in the sandy areas of our pastures. Silver can often be heard 'clucking' to signal to the rest of the heard to let them know she is ok.
Harmony's Black Magic
Born June, 2010

Black Magic is a solid black animal, but has a white spot on his nose. Magic was also a Sunshower baby and her offspring often have white markings on thier face. Last year Black Magic was put in with the 'big boys' and while he might be the smallest of the male alpacas, he still makes his presence known...
Harmony's Kona
Born May, 2012

Kona is another Cappachino baby and he has the same spirit and spunk that Latte has with the older boys. Kona has incredibly fine fibre and gets tons of hay and straw caught in his blanket.

He’ll be moved into the pen with the older boys on shearing day this year.
Brier's Black Watch
Born June 5, 2009

Black Watch came to us from Brier Run Alpaca’s with Kintyre in the fall of 2009 so Latte would have some boys his own age to play with. While smaller than both Latte and Kintyre Black Watch is still an active herdsire on our farm because of his wonderful rich black dense fleece.

Black alpaca’s aren’t as common as white, brown, and fawn alpacas, but we’re hoping to have lots of black alpacas because their fibre is a ‘true’ black that doesn’t require a touch up dye before use.
Brier's Kintyre
Born June 11, 2009

Kintyre is the largest male on our farm, but he is an absolute gentle giant that couldn’t hurt anything. While he grunts and groans at the other boys it’s not uncommon to see the smaller animals push him around.
Born June 30, 2009

The granddaughter of Sunshower, and Silver's niece (even though they are the same age). Star isn’t a breading female because of a nasal issue, but she is a sweety and just as goofy as her grandmother was.

Star has the same white marking underneath her jaw (looks like the Nike Swoosh) that Sunshower had.
Born June 14, 2006

Venus is the only white alpaca on our farm. We haven’t had a chance to breed or shear her yet, but we will be shearing her on Mother’s Day, and are hoping to start breeding her this summer.
The Chickens
We have a couple dozen brown free range chickens that share the barn with the alpacas, and our barn cat.

The chickens are providing us with fresh eggs every morning and we normally have a couple dozen jumbo brown eggs on the farm for sale if you ask.
Ki Ki
What farm would be complete without a barn cat.

Ki Ki is the true head of the farm, although the chickens sometimes like to challenge her authority.