Harmony Meadows Alpaca
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About Us



Robert and Kristi Mercier are professionals who work in the K/W and Guelph areas and have been building and developing their farm dream for almost 10 years. Kristi is a REALTOR(r) serving clients in Guelph and Centre Wellington and Robert is an IT consultant based out Waterloo. We are delighted to be able to share with others the fun of working with these animals; it provides great stress relief at the end of a busy day! Throughout the year, we will be holding official farm 'open houses' for the public, but be sure to let us know if you would like to pop by to see the animals and the luxurious fibre they produce.


Why Alpaca?

Alpaca fibre is...

- The warmest natural fibre available, and is thermostatically superior to wool
- Stronger and more resilient than merino sheep wool and considered to be one of the finest fibres in the world
- Hypo-allergenic; there is no lanolin as there is in sheep's wool
- Available in 22 natural colours from pure white to pure black with many shades of grey and brown in between

Some other alpaca facts...

- They have a smaller bio-footprint than sheep or any other fibre bearing animal
- Their waste is now being used as a natural fertilizer on organic farms
- They have lovable dispositions, are easily trained to halter-lead and are gentle enough to be handled by children